What to Look for When Hiring a Well Drilling Company

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Putting a well on your land is a smart financial move that can add value, but it also comes with some risks. The project combines hard work with engineering know-how. When hiring a well drilling provider, there are several things you should look for.

What to Look for When Hiring a Well Drilling Company

  • Experience – You want to hire a company that is established in the community and that knows the risks. Does the well drilling company know how to deal with different terrains and problems that may come up during the drilling process?
  • Quality Control – Drilling jobs are never the same. So, a company should have strict quality control measures in place to get the job done correctly. If there are issues, the company should remedy them as quickly as possible.
  • Communication – Open communication is vital when working with contractors. A trustworthy company will be transparent about their services, pricing, and timelines. They will answer all your questions and provide written contracts. They are honest and never play games with their customers.
  • Safety – At our family-owned business, we want our employees to avoid injury on the job. Drilling is a risky operation that requires strict safety measures to protect our workers and your property. Always ask to see the company’s safety records and any procedural documentation before beginning work.

A well drilling project is only as good as the company who performs it. We would be happy to answer any questions and help you find the best solution for your property. Contact us today.