6 Reasons to Put a Water Well on Your Property [infographic]

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You probably think you only need a private water well if your home is too far out to connect with the municipal water system. But more and more homeowners have started to opt for their own private well, regardless of whether they can access the water system in their city. Here’s why:

  1. Better tasting water—Most water provided by the municipal system will come out of your tap giving off a slightly “chemical” taste. Because it’s pulled deep from the ground, well water has a clean, fresh, and natural taste that’s hard to beat.
  2. Lower monthly costs—You have to pay monthly water and sewer charges when you’re hooked up to city water, but with your own well, you don’t have to pay anything for water except for the cost of drilling the well.
  3. Healthier water—Water that comes from a well is extracted from underground aquifers, where it gets infused with calcium, magnesium, and other minerals your body needs.
  4. Eco-friendly water production—With a well, no chemicals are needed to clean or treat the water, and your well pump is the only thing using energy to get water into your home.

6 Reasons to Put a Water Well on Your Property

  1. Enhanced property value—Because more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of having a private well, having a well drilled for your home can increase your property value.
  2. Easier maintenance—If you have a private well, you’re insulated from the common problems that occur when you use municipal water, and all you need to do to keep up with well maintenance is schedule an annual inspection.